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Clean 13 is one of the most trusted commercial cleaning companies in Port Saint Lucie, which offers affordable and top-quality services. Our team of experts provides restaurant cleaning, cleanup after construction, office cleaning, power washing, residential and commercial cleaning. We are the most reliable and credible company that gives excellent quality cleaning services. Whether it’s an instant cleanup after a vacation or you moving into your new home, we provide cleaning services for the whole property. Our company is insured, licensed, and accredited with the BBB to give you peace of mind and complete satisfaction.

Clients We Serve


We provide commercial restaurant cleaning in Port Saint Lucie by maintaining neatness, making a restaurant presentable, and also keeping up with the health codes and industry standards with the help of our experts.

Residential Properties

Whether you’re thinking of renting or moving into your new property then our team of skilled cleaners is there to give you superior quality cleaning services.


Office owners looking forward to a fresh and clean work environment can opt for commercial office cleaning services in Port Saint Lucie from our company because we provide fast and reliable service at affordable rates. 

Our company provides a variety of office cleaning services in Port Saint Lucie such as restroom cleaning and sanitizing/ removal, parking lot blowing, and more.

Post Construction/Remodel Cleanup

We take care of any cleaning required after construction, renovation, refurbishing in the property with the help of our quality cleaning equipment. Our experts are there to give a proficient cleaning service and will make the interiors of your property look new, shiny, fresh, and devoid of any debris, dirt, or stains.

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